When you arrive

church worship image2On arrival you will find a couple of people (usually) at the door to welcome you and to give you a couple of things: a Bible and a weekly information sheet. The Bible we use is in an easy to read text which we hope will help you understand it. The information sheet will give some details of what is going on during the coming week (giving you a flavour of life in our congregation) and also news of the wider church in Scotland on the rear. Everything else is on the large screen in the church. (This may sound like an overload of things to handle. Don't worry. Describing them is more difficult that receiving them!)

After receiving these items you will be directed into the church where you are free to take a seat wherever you wish.

Our services last for one hour and include singing (we stand to sing), prayer (we remain seated for prayer) and a talk about a bible passage (we call this a sermon). There is a short children's talk included in the morning and afternoon services.